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What makeup is good for people with oily skin?

For oily skin, definitely use something with a matte finish. If you have problems with acne, also make sure that the product is labeled "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic" -products labeled "oil-free" don't have oil but may have other pore-clogging ingredients.

Another makeup tip : If you are using a liquid foundation, also look into buying a powder to wear on top to help set your foundation, make it last, and cut down on oil. Loose powders are best pressed powders often contain waxes or oils used to press the powder into the compact, which in turn can clog your pores. If you want to use a traditional liquid foundation and powder, I would recommend Prescriptives -- they have a good color selection, and you can also pay extra to get makeup custom-mixed to match your skin exactly.

July B.


What makeup does a teen with brown hair and hazel eyes use?

If you want to make a lasting impression by being defined in your make-up try almay intense eye color,but if you just want to be subtle try other cosmetics but never use cover girl on your face it is terrible for your skin.But seriously almay is hypo-alergenic,oil free,and alergy is completely safe for skin.

I was once in the dark aboout eyeliner too....My makeup tip - the key is pulling out your eyelid while it is parcially closed and slowly going draw,pause,draw, just takes some time to get used to and to get used to.but if you aren't ready to keep messing start with pencil liners liquid liners are incredbly hard to use.i'm still struggling with liquid eyeliner and i've been wearing makeup for maybe around 3 or 4 just try to play up your hazel eyes are the focal point of a face so put most of the emphisis on those hazel eyes.

Anna S.


How do you get makeup out of a wedding dress?

The key to getting it off is...You don't even try!!! Take it to a professional dry cleaner and do it ASAP! The longer you wait, the longer it has to set. Bring your makeup with you if at all possible so they can see exactly what you used...that might be a very big help to them in picking out what type of cleaner to use to remove the make-up.

July B.


What makeup can i use that will prevent shine on my face?

You can keep the makeup ur wearing and simply use a powder after you apply your makeup. i used to use baby power with a blush brush. u can also use Bare Escentual's mineral veil. this is what i currently use. this is a very good product because its healthy for the skin. it makes ur complexion look soft by absorbing the oil on ur face and minimizing ur pores, and ur makeup stays on longer! so for a cheap buy, you can go with baby powder.

Jenna L.


What makeup goes good with really big eyes?

If your eyes are big and "buggy" line the inner rims with a black or dark brown liner. This will make them looks less round and "pop out" less.

As for eyeshadow, first use a matte flesh color all over the entire eye lash line to brow bone.

Then, use a medium slightly shimmery shade all over the eyelid (I don't know your skin color, but for people who have light-medium skin tones Urban Decay in "Toasted" or Lancome's "Mannequin" are perfect colors for this).

Then use a dark shade on the outer corner of the eye and slightly in the crease, well blended. It should probably cover the outer 2/3rds of the eye.(a charcoal or black if she's wearing black, a chocolate brown if she's wearing nudes, tans, browns, a dark plum if shes wearing purples, etc.)

Use a matching eyeliner to the darkest shade over the entire lash line.

Remember: Dark colors "recede" (make something look "flatter or deeper") and light colors "protrude" (make something "stick out") so you never want to use light colors on the actual eyelid only. It will just make her eyes look even bigger :) Hope this helps!

Rebecca M.


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